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We are proud of having an aggressive shipping policy because we do not use it as another source of revenue.

Minimum purchase price € 10, this rule is for customers to pay no more than the product.

There is a return period in case of dissatisfaction up to 14 days after the reception of the order

The return shipping costs are charged to the customer and is the same amount you paid for the order. This return must be sent via registered mail. You should save the proof.


How to buy...

It's very easy, browse the online store and you will notice that you quickly arrive where you want and just follow the directions.

We have made an effort in this direction, if you find something that you find confusing or incorrect please contact us.


Safe Payments

The payment systems accepted in the online store are as follows:

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Paypal - You must make the payment immediately or until 48h after the purchase.

If you do not pick up the order, the expenses of Shipping + Extras may be your responsibility.


Privacy policy:

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Data Protection Policy:

For our company the protection of customer data is fundamental, fully agreeing with the new European Law and others to come, in this sense we made an investment where we installed a dedicated SSL certificate that encrypts any information placed on the website, you can notice that the Our site is listed as Safe link.


Cookie Policy:

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